Duck9's Larry Chiang DJs familiar tech tools a method, technique, and manner like a music mash-up, putting you in the midst of the action without revealing your location.

A sales pitch I hear as an owner of a small business = “I’m in your HQ’s neighborhood. Stop by?!”

Heck no, you can’t sit with me

GPS based, social networking apps do and replicate that exact bad dynamic. Highlight and Sonar and FourSquare broadcast locations and check-ins. My point of view: IT’S A BAD SOLUTION SEARCHING FOR A PROBLEM.

For example, at the Dream Force conference by SalesForce, few used check-ins to meet new people. Primarily, attendees are just using it to document cool parties they attended, post a snippet, and maybe upload a pic.

Dream Force attendees weren’t using GPS to network! What’s condemning and damning is:

  • DreamForce is an audience that’s super tech savvy.
  • SalesForce attracted 140,000 attendees who are actually open to innovation in lead generation. They’re open to being sold.
  • The attendees of DreamForce used basic tools. Text. Email. Light Twitter. No Facebook Fanpage. Zero Highlight. Minimum viable Foursquare check-ins.

For time constraints, I’ll limiting the case studies to one, as I transition to a transparent solution I’m myself attempting to execute and solve for myself.

Read what I am going to do here because you have heard of the legendary stuff I have done. I’ll document below orchestrating existing things. I plan on DJing tech tools that you know in a method, technique, and manner like a music mash-up.

Note: There will be nothing to buy. I sound sales-ie because I’m selling my mentors ideas for you to adopt.

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
An exercise is using WordPress to network with people to ping u. And u ping back #LarryChiangSonar


Download nothing.

1. An app-less app.

I would call it a “hashtag app” because why ask a consumer for a download when the re-open rate is ~{<4%}?!

For example, on a lark, I created #LarryChiangSonar. The idea is to solve a problem: SxSW is expensive. The hashtag-app, #LarryChiangSonar, is augmented by email and SMS. Obviously, #LarryChiangSonar requires a Twitter account.

An app-less app is built inside of a hashtag, so that I show a lot of value via pinging and pinging back. If I were you, I’d show a lot of value before I ask for a download. Provide that value via hashtag/email/SMS.

2. Setting an intention.

Use WordPress.

What is your intention at SxSW Interactive.

What is your intention at Sundance.

What is your intention at TED in Vancouver.

State that intention on WordPress. Then uplink the link to Twitter and include the hashtag #LarryChiangSonar.

In the #LarryChiangSonar, I will amplify your sonar signal. It helps if you add the hashtag #SXSW. All together now, {LINK + #LarryChiangSonar + #DF13}.

DF13 is the conference, btw. Or #SXSW.

In short, you’re leveraging the existing tech of WordPress SMS email and hashtags to pretty much make any goal super easy because you’re engineering up momentum (more at #EUTWMPPM engineering up tidal wave momentum perpetual promotion machine).

3. Who or what cause does it help besides you (#CAT)?

You’ll be powerful after #LarryChiangSonar, so what is your CAT (consumer advocacy truth). Your community will hate your power and influence. There are numerous cautionary tales of startups that rose fast, and then they never ping back. Find a C.A.T.

Text me what it is.

Or better yet, tweet it at me.

4. Who are you pining for?

Pine is when you yearn for something or someone to meet. I’ll help you connect with that.

So text me or tweet me #LarryChiangSonar.

See a pattern here?! I’m sending you this signal in the hopes of you ping me back.

5. Be even more specific.

Goodness, don’t ask for a coffee. Or to stop by my neighborhood office HQ. Be socializingly specific.

6. A hashtag within a hashtag.

#LarryChiangSonar is inside of #SXSW. TWO HASHTAGS + a WordPress link with five words describing you.

The two hashtags are your hashtags plus the conference hashtag.

7. Switching frequency.

Frequency in megahertz, not frequency in repetition pattern. Planes flying from departure city to goal city switch frequency all the time.

This “sonar” parallel solves an airplane flying out of range. Remember, I am knowledge activating sonar and #LarryChiangSonar to encourage you to execute.

Tweet me right now.

I’m encouraging you to understand frequency by starting on the Larry Chiang Frequency. And later getting a better mentor who will broadcast on a frequency closer to your DESTINATION.

WHAT you the newbie engineer do realize is that me and my immaturity help you with the first 17 steps.

Get a Twitter account and tweet #LarryChiangSonar.

As Sean Connery said in The Hunt for Red October: One PING only.

You will give away your position. Yes, you’re living in your parents basement in West Van. I’ll SonarLikePlancast sonar guide you to SxSW and then into a downtown Vancouver 720 square foot condo (who knows how many square meters?? I’m American bitchezz!!).

8. A hashtag augmenting your franchise.

For example, I took a class and just stuck around after to teach.

The hashtag #engr145.

ENGR145′s Anchor Concept: Lemonade and Gua Gua Guacamole.

It moves you to the right on the entrepreneur bell curve

It augments the Larry Chiang franchise. Don’t hate me.

Be me.

Radar” photo by Jirsak Shutterstock.